Media Madera Ingenieros Consultores S.L . is a company specialized in the Design, Calculation, Manufacture and Assembly of Laminated Wood Structures.

Pioneers in the use of wood in modern construction, from a deep knowledge and love for the material Media Madera Ingenieros Consultores S.L. knows how to make the most of its exceptional qualities.

His more than 1,000 works executed constitute his best cover letter.


Continuous investment is part of our permanent work philosophy providing ourselves with the most advantage tools, facilities and resources for executing our technical work.

Workshop Facilities and Engineering Offices with more than 3,000 square meters, high work equipment, qualified staff, continuous performance improvement training courses and high management systems are all aimed to offer our customers the best service.

Why wood?

Wood construction offers a natural alternative really sustainable compared to the traditional use of concrete or steel.


  • 1 ton of wood: 100,000 kJ  
  • 1 ton of concrete: 400,000 kJ
  • 1 ton of steel: 6,000,000 kJ    


Wood is a material made by nature with a high degree of specialization and complexity. It has the highest Strength / Weight Ratio , 2 times greater than steel and 5 times greater than concrete.


  • Durability: Protection by design and autoclave treatment by deep impregnation gives the wood the necessary durability even in extreme exposure conditions. Wood meets the same structural requirements as any other building material.
  • Low maintenance : minimal and simple, like that of any other bridge and structure.
  • Quick assembly : In most cases, our bridges and structures can be completely prefabricated in the workshop, taking just a few hours to put them in their final location.
  • Aesthetic value:  Wood provides an undeniable aesthetic value, its appearance and warmth cannot be imitated by any other material. A wooden bridge adds value to its environment in which it fits harmoniously

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