Timber bridges

Media Madera has become the national Spanish leader on timber bridges production so much by the quality as by the number of bridges installed. Through our experience in the construction of hundreds of bridges we have achieved an extraordinary combination of upper materials,methods of construction, excellent structural typologies and lasting designs in the time.

The timber bridges are our passion. They are construction works that should be adapted to the specific characteristics of the place of their final establishment. Each case should be carefully study in order to find the best solution combining the optimum structural behavior with a design of great aesthetic value.

Large structures

Excellent stability in case of fire, strength versus weight gain, lightness, absence of intermediate supports, rapid assembly and high resistance against aggressive chemical environments are characteristics of our work. The excellent properties of the laminated wood makes it the excellent choice of construction material in large spaces.

Resistance to corrosive chemicals further makes timber the superior choice for construction and design. In case of covered swimming pools, for instance, timber is the best replaceable construction material with regard to moisture. Steel and concrete will be subject to corrosive attack in high moisture environment.


The use of timber in roofs and slab floors is increasing day by day. The wood is an indispensable requirement for every high quality house in Europe. En Europa, la madera es requisito indispensable para una vivienda de calidad.

It acts as insulating in every aspect such as acoustic, thermal, electric and magnetic, creating pleasant and comfortable spaces.


Use of timber structures is often an obliged solution for restoration works.Re-use of the original building material for maintaining the characteristic of a building is an inevitable choice.

All modern technology associated to laminated wood can be applied for shaping the wood to any size and type of timber structure.

Engineering firm


Based on deep experience in design, calculation and wood structure construction


Large number of engineering hours spent to resolve the challenges presented by our clients has allowed us to conceive and develop new methods and innovative systems as supplement to conventional systems and traditional working methods in this field.

As founding members of the CETEMAS (Wood Technological Center of Asturias), we promote and participate in research projects contributing to development and enhancement of timber building standards and construction codes.

We also participate in related seminars and conferences on a regular basis, and actively engage in all public information exchange and networks with regard to conceptual and detailed design, calculation methods, workshop fabrication, erections, timber Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) criterias.


Provided that the structure development has been studied and planned accurately, the construction will be optimized and finalized cost effective and inexpensive.


Project: “Development of methodology for carrying out NOT (No Oestructive Testing) tests on wooden bridges”.
Nº Issue: IE-009C1, IE-009 C2